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For many, heading to the local market in the morning or on the weekends is a normal part of life. Getting up early in the morning and taking a brisk walk to the marketplace; often meeting up with friends, chatting with the local vendors and picking up the fresh, in-season food items they need for the week. Or maybe, heading out to the local flea market to find some unique antiques that would go perfect with the rest of the decor in the house. Whatever the reason, a day at the market is always a good idea! Check out our list below to get a glimpse on some of Barcelona’s most famous and most local markets!

La Boquería

The Mercat de Sant Josep de La Boquería
is the most famous food market in the city. It’s location along La Rambla and over 800 years of fame and popularity have made this mercat an official landmark in Barcelona. Unless you’re a big fan of crowds, you’ll want to arrive early in the morning so you can stroll the many isles in comfort. You’ll find everything here – seafood, meat, fresh produce, cheese, oils, wines, and even a few tapas bars (if you can get a seat). La Boqueria is open from Monday to Saturday, 08:00 – 20:30.

Encants Vells 

If one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, then all treasure hunters should head over to Mercat Encants Vells! Encants Vells is one of the largest flea markets in Barcelona. If you love bargains, second hand items and antiques with a story, you are sure to get lost in all the options! The market recently moved from its age-old location to a newer, 3 story building right across from the Agbar Tower. The market has varying hours depending on the day you visit, so make sure to plan ahead before you go!

Santa Caterina 

Known as the first permanent, covered market in Barcelona, Mercat Santa Caterina is an important piece of Barcelona’s history. It’s located right in the heart of the historical centre, in Ribera, which makes it a perfect stop on a long Sunday walk through the city! The market features several bakeries, butcher-shops, fresh fish, meats as well as a few “restaurants” for visitors to stop and enjoy a caña with a side of tapas! The mercat has varying hours, so make sure that you plan ahead before visiting!

Fira Artesana

Commonly known as “the honey market”, the Fira Artesana is exactly what its name suggests. On the first Friday and Saturday of every month, local, Catalan farmers and producers gather to put their homegrown, homemade products on display! The mercat is most famous for its cakes, cheese, and honey-infused treats (hence the nickname, “the honey market”). You’ll find it in the Plaça del Pi right beside the Bascillica de Santa Maria del Pi!

Mercadillo de la Plaça de Sant Josep

This lovely, petite market is a great place for visitors to check out some exclusive Catalan artwork! Every weekend, around 15 Catalan artists gather in the Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol (just around the corner from the Plaça del Pi) to display their paintings and drawings to the public. Because of Mercadillo de la Plaça de Sant Josep‘s small size, visitors can hang around and chat with the artists, get sketches done and get to know the heart and soul of each piece of work!

Mercat del Ninot

A much more local market than many of its counterparts in the city centre, Mercat del Ninot is a huge food market in Barcelona’s Eixample district. You won’t find many tourists here because of its location in a quieter, residential area. In addition to having smaller crowds, the market itself is also newer, more spacious and incredibly clean. So take advantage and survey the many stalls of endless food options! It’s located on Calle Mallorca and is open Monday to Saturday, from 8 to 21:15 h

Mercat de Sant Antoni

Mercat de Sant Antoni
is located inside one of the most impressive steel-framed buildings in Barcelona. It’s larger than La Boqueria, and attracts significantly less tourists – though, this is likely to change over-time as the tourist industry grows in the city. The market is currently under construction, but all its contents have been moved into several temporary structures around it. Sant Antoni is a mercat with food, clothes, antiques and enough knick-knacks to take you on a day-long excursion through the aisles! It’s located along Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, in a massive square that’s impossible to miss!

Mercat de la Concepcio

Mercat de la Concepcio
is modern concept, market in an old, historic building! The market itself offers a wide variety of things, like baked goods, flowers, olive oils, wines and all the typical market must-haves like fruits, veggies, meet and fish! Concepcio is great for a standard market experience, but is also fully equipped for a modern experience. They offer online purchasing, delivery and customers can pay with credit cards at each stall! Hours of operation vary from day to day, from stall to stall so click here and scroll all the way to the bottom to see opening hours!

Sarrià Market

This market is far from the centre, but it’s totally worth the travel time! Not only are there zero tourists at this spot, but it’s so local that you will really be able to take part in a Catalan experience! The building is designed with the typical brick work you often see in old Spanish buildings, giving it a classic feel. On the inside, you’ll find classic market items to indulge in, including a few bars and restaurants! On average, the mercat is open from 7:00-15:00 with extended ours several days per week. Click here for more details.

Fira de Nautumismo

This is a small secret “market” that you can find tucked away in Barcelona’s Plaça Reial. It could be considered a flea market, but the items sold here can be considered rare collectors items. So, if you or someone you know is a big coin or stamp collector or an admirer of old books, nautical gems and other unexpected randomly awesome items, check out the Fira Nautumismo! It’s open on Sundays, from 10:00-14:00!


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