Barcelona is one of the world’s top tourist destinations for art and culture. People flock from all over the world to see all the iconic monuments and museums Barcelona has to offer. Due to such high traffic, it’s common for visitors to check out the top rated must-sees from their site seeing list. But, there is a wide selection of museums and galleries for those of you not so interested in the tourist norm! Take a look at our list of some of Barcelona’s lesser-known cultural locations below for quirky inspirations. Pick your favourites and check the free entry Sundays to spare the precious dime!

Museu de la Música

Museu de la Música opened its doors to the public in 2007. Their collection of instruments is considered the most important in the country! The collection is made up of nearly five hundred instruments set against red velvet and pillars, making a truly gorgeous display. This is a must see in Barcelona for music lovers!

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Jardí Botànic

Jardí Botànic is a beautiful garden just behind the Nacional Palace. It is one of the biggest parks in Barcelona with its 14 hectares. The Garden is special due to it’s Mediterranean vegetation from California, South Africa, Canary Islands, Australia and Mediterranean zones. It’s not a museum per say, but it certainly has a great “collection” of flora and fauna! This amazing garden is worth to visit for it’s exotic plants but also nice view over the urban Barcelona.

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Museu de la Catedral

This beautiful Cathedral is located in the heart of Barrio Gotico. Like most of the churches and religious buildings, the construction of the Cathedral took quite a while. It was built in three phases lasting 150 years and the result is absolutely amazing. We consider this one a hidden treasure because its so much more than your standard church visit – the entry ticket includes visits to the crypt, a mini museum, the rooftop and their garden!

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CosmoCaixa is a branch of centres created by laCaixa foundation. This huge science complex houses a replica of an Amazonian forest, planetarium and Foucault pendulum. The science centre is not just a gallery to look at, but also a very hands on place! With varied simulations and experiments to take part in. For the science enthusiasts out there, this is a must see place you can’t find anywhere else!

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Museu Frederic Marès

Frederic Marès (1893-1991) was a sculptor, collector and allegedly a kleptomaniac who collected everything he got into his hands! His life was devoted to his art collections and he spent every penny to do it since his family could not support his passion. Most of all he was a sculptor and after 1920’s he started working with monumental sculptures which you can also find in city of Barcelona. After the Spanish Civil War he devoted himself to restoring the buildings and sculptures. The museum displays his marvellous collections and sculptures.

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Museum de Xocolata

This tiny gem among all the big museums is located in the Ciutat Vella area. Museum de Xocolata tells the story of the history of how chocolate was brought by Columbus to Spain from Latin America and made its break through after people started adding sugar or honey to hot chocolate. In the museum you will learn more fascinating facts and stories about chocolate as well as manufacturing. What’s more, they also offer a activities such as chocolate and wine tasting!

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Design Museum of Barcelona

The Barcelona Museum of Design was founded specifically to increase the knowledge of interior, product and graphic design and fashion. The museum has a collection of more than 2000 pieces of design products from lamps to furniture, most of them designed by Spanish or Catalan artists. Fashion pieces are exhibited from 20th century to 21th century to showcase the changes of the dressing over the decades. Also you will find the masterpieces of Haute Couture to admire here! Design lovers don’t miss this one while visiting Barcelona!

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Centre de la Imatge de la Virreina

Centre de la Imatge de la Virreina is located at La Rambla. The building itself is worth seeing with its unique style between baroque and rococo – two styles that weren’t very common to mix up at the time. Peru’s viceroy, Manuel Amat Junyent wanted to show his wealth by building the palace; though he died shortly after the palace was finished. Now it functions as Barcelona’s City Council Culture Institute’s headquarters which exhibits art in forms of photography, audio-visual and literature.

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MAC Museu d’Arquelogica de Catalunya

In Museu d’Arquelogica you will discover the history and evolution of Catalonia from ancient times to middle ages. If you are interested in history, this is one of the most important places where items from main archaeological excavation in Catalonia, Iberian Peninsula and other Mediterranean areas are showcased.  You will find the most fascinating pieces starting from the first men in living in the area here!

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 Museu Blau

Museu Blau is a science museum that exhibits the evolution of the world with the permanent exhibition ‘Planet Life’. Using newest technologies they showcase the heritage of zoology, geology and botanical collections. Here, you will find the plants and fossils and what is most awesome, one of two only existing replicas of Prognatodon!

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