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Instagram is not only fit for selfies, memes, and sorority photos. People from all over the world use Instagram, which means photos from all over the world are posted. This popular app has given us a way to travel and see the wondrous beauties of the world without ever having to step out of the house. Travel photos are a huge trend on Instagram, combining the art of photography with international culture and discovery. When in Barcelona, you are surrounded by endless insta-worthy photo ops, from scenic views to world famous modern architecture. Barcelona is flourishing with so much culture, you’ll be swiping through filters all day! Whether you are living here or just passing through, check out these 20 different Instagram accounts you need to follow, all based on Catalonia’s capitol!



Roc Isern is an architect based in Barcelona, who portrays his passion for photography and building design on instagram. In an architectural diverse city like Barcelona, Isern captures concrete masterpieces from all angles, providing different points of view for his followers. Isern is also apart of the popular instagram account @barcelonafacades, an endless page of façades, and more façades, throughout Barcelona. Perfect for aspiring architects and architecture enthusiasts!


Nicanor García’s instagram is a definite must-follow for all lovers of architecture! With a list of over 700k followers, he knows exactly how to capture the wondrous craftsmanship displayed all over the world, especially in Barcelona. From endless spiral staircases to breathtaking stained glass, a simple glance at García’s page will give you enough reason to click ‘follow’.


If you’re crushin’ on Gaudí, this is the insta for you to follow. This is the official account for Casa Batlló, a renowned Gaudí masterpiece created in 1904 and also happens to be one of the most popular landmarks in Barcelona.



This awesome account will provide you with an array of stunning photos taken throughout Barcelona by different photographers. There’s everything from picturesque views to everyday life in the city. The photographers behind the pictures span from prominent to not so familiar, so its a great way to discover new talent behind the lens.


The Barcelona Citizen is an account run by photographer Eduardo M., a Barcelona local. On his website, he describes himself as “a local being a tourist”, which is surely demonstrated in his ravishing photo collection. Follow this account if you like extraordinary and vibrant shots and discovering news corners of the city.


Many people can agree that graffiti has proved to be its own type of art, and the streets of Barcelona are filled with masterpieces. On this insta you will find different shots of murals and street art in the city. See if you can find one in person!


The owner of this account, Sam Zucker, is a Boston native who has fallen in love with Barcelona. On his insta he shares some of the many reasons why he has chosen to live out his life in Catalonia’s capital. From food and locals to popular hotspots, after clicking ‘Follow’ you’ll be exposed to all corners of this beautiful city.


This is the official account for the Barcelona Travel Magazine. The photography posted on this page comes from some of the best travel photographers and tourism lovers. Follow them so you can explore the magical city that is Barcelona just by swiping up.



O Lo Comes O Lo Dejas is definitely a MUST follow for all lovers of food! Translated to “Either Eat It or Leave It” in Spanish, this account is perfect for those who are passionate about all things tasty. They even give you tips and recommendations of restaurants/cafes to visit in Barcelona. If you like what you see, take a look on their website for — you guessed it — more food, glorious food!


This guy’s mission in life is to find the best patatas bravas in Barcelona, and then share his discoveries with his followers! Bravas are a popular Catalonian dish that you can find almost anywhere, but only a few places offer the best of the best. Follow bravasbarcelona if you’re curious about where to relish some worthy patatas bravas.


This food insta is also pretty spectacular. They provide restaurant recommendations along with pictures of the food, scrumptious enough to make your mouth water and your feet run out the door. You’ll be the restaurant expert out of all your friends after following this account.


Barcelonamordiscos is the ultimate foodie guide. Their page is swarmed with vibrant colors and images of basically just one thing… food! In the descriptions, they always give you recommendations about where to eat and devour whatever it is you’re looking at. Even if you’re not a huge fan of food (are you okay?) this instagram page is still a must-follow because of the great photography! Barcelonamordiscos also has their own website where you can find in-depth blogs about the foodie way of life in this city.



Marta and Maria are a sister duo who use their account, Stylebybru, to share a little bit of everything in the daily life of a Barcelonian. They are fashionistas and foodies, the perfect combo! Get an extra behind the scenes look at the Barcelona lifestyle by checking out their website too!



Zira Charkoplia is a Barcelona-based fashion consultant and stylist here to guide you down the road of true Catalonian vogue. She also has a super popular blog called Fashionvibe, where her subscribers tune in every week to check out new outfit ideas with striking colors and sophisticated patterns.


Grab your sunscreen, ladies! This popular insta is the official account for the Barcelona swimwear brand, Bohodot. They also have a store on Calle de Madrazo, 114. You can look at more of their swimsuits on their website.


Mydailystyle is a Catalonian based fashion account run by Mireia. If you’re diggin’ the rustic and authentic vibe taking over the Barcelona streets, take a look at Mireia’s pictures for some fresh fashion ideas!



Calling all Barça fans! Did you know Barcelona’s internationally famous soccer team has their own instagram account? You’ll see new posts everyday of some of the top players in the industry. They even share behind-the-scenes photos from practice and game days! If you live in Barcelona, this team’s insta is a definite must follow. Some players on FC Barcelona have their own personal accounts as well, which you can check out here.


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We’ve been saving the best for last… *drumroll please*… If you’re living in Barcelona, don’t forget to follow CityLife on Instagram! Here we can share with you recent updates on CityLife activities, events and trips, as well as tips and recommendations for all things Barcelona!


As the official instragram for Barcelona’s tourism board, his insta is loaded with travel inspiration for those visiting and living in Barcelona. They post photos by different photographers and regular tourists every day. You can even submit your own picture for a chance to be uploaded on their feed!


This account is the official instagram for barcelona.cat, a website you’ve probably heard about if you have searched for events in Barcelona. Instead of checking the web daily, follow them on insta for some easy updates on what’s going on in this lively city.

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