When moving to a new place it’s normal to wonder about every aspect of your new life, including the culture and the weather there. Here we aim to give you a summary of this amazing city and answer some of the questions you may be too shy to ask or may not have thought of.

barca2Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia (Catalunya), one of the most proud and rich cultures in Europe. You will notice during your time in Spain, that many Catalonians do not consider themselves Spanish, but Catalan. They have their own language, Catalan, and they are a part of their own autonomous region of the country, and it’s the second largest city in Spain – if you’d like to get to know the distinct neighbourhoods of Barcelona, click here. Because of this, Barcelona is a unique and culturally rich city that takes time to get to know well. From the iconic seafood, the distinct language and world famous art-history there is so much to discover. Barcelona is a famous city for a good time, renowned for its nightlife, high end art culture, summer beach spots and trendy fashion. While the city and its roots are unique, a lot of the cities energy is fuelled by the millions of tourists that visit the city every year. Tourism in Barcelona has helped build the city into a thriving hotspot – with endless museums, festivals, recreation centres, art galleries and various events all year round. At the end of the day, there is always something to do in Barcelona and you will never experience anything like it anywhere else in the world!

barcabAs mentioned above, Barcelona is a renowned holiday hotspot, and thats because of its wonderful coast-side, Subtropical-Mediterranean climate with an average of 72% humidity. The summers are hot, yet not as dry as other Spanish cities and the winters are mild with no snow. On average, the summer last from May to October, with temps between 25 °C – 30 °C. While the winters last from December to April, from 5 °C – 14 °C. As you can guess, Barcelona is an extremely sunny state! Getting a vast amount of sunshine throughout the year – in the summer you can see over 12 hours of sunlight in a day! As far as rain goes, the Catalan capital doesn’t get all that much. With an average of 55 days of rain a year – you might even be asking for rain to help cool down! The best thing to remember about Barcelona, is that it’s a coastal city. Meaning you will always be breathing in that sweet ocean air!

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