If you’ve ever been down to Barcelona’s Port Vell, you’ve most likely seen the classic red cable cars soaring above the water. This unique form of sightseeing is called the Aeri del Port de Barcelona (The Barcelona Port Cable Car) and it stretches across the port, giving visitors a literal birds eye view of the gorgeous harbour front. It was first established in 1929, but wasn’t finished until 1931 due to delays. The Teleférico also played a role in the Spanish Civil War, when the towers were used as the harbour’s defence from aerial attacks. Apparently, you can even see some bullet holes on the Jaume I tower! Crazy stuff, right?

cablecar3The system is made up of three stations – Miramar Tower, Tower of Jaime I, Tower of San Sebastián – stretching across 1292 metres, with cables making trips back and forth every 15-20 minutes. The Miramar Station is located on Montjuïc Mountain. It’s the shortest of the towers and is where you can start your journey over the port. The San Sebastian Station is the second tallest tower of the bunch, measuring about 78.4 meters and is located on the Barcelona beach. The station is quite large and features several viewing points and platforms and even a restaurant! The tallest and most impressive tower is the Jaime I Station, at 107 meters above sea level, it holds the record as the second tallest aerial lift pylon in the world! The station features a beautiful viewing point and of course, an elevator which descends to the pier. The Aeri del Port de Barcelona runs pretty much all day, but hours change throughout the year. A one-way ticket costs 11€ and a round-trip costs 16.50€!

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