Spain is a country full of world class beaches. Whether you’re on the Iberian Peninsula or one of the many Spanish isles scattered around the world. It has some of the most famous coasts in the world and beaches that welcome some 10 million visitors every year. Here in Barcelona, we are very close to many of Spain’s most acclaimed coastlines and beaches. If you’re interested in a quick drive outside the city, an isolated weekend paradise, or a lively week-long getaway from the city, you can find a beach nearby which suits your needs! Lets explore a handful of the many beaches near Barcelona for you to visit!

Costa del Maresme

The Costa del Maresme is the coastline Barcelona sits on! It stretches from Barcelona and further north to Blanes. The beaches here are long, sandy, with mild climates and good fishing. The region is surrounded by hillsides, vineyards and a growing suburban development. Due to it’s proximity to Barcelona, these beaches are perfect for a day-long adventure. Most of the beaches below have their own train stops, but can also be reached by bus and car!

Vilassar de Mar – Just a 45 minute Rodalies train ride from Barcelona Sants. Vilassar de Mar is home to several little fishing boats and seashell beaches.

Ocata – The Ocata train stop is only 35 minutes away from Barcelona Sants. This stretch of beach is huge, open and full of beach facilities.

Arenys de Mar – The playas at Arenys de Mar takes about 1 hour on the train to travel to. There are several spots here to visit including a nudist beach!

Sant Andreu de LlavaneresA little bit farther than the others, this award winning beach region takes a little over an hour to get to. But once you get there you will find excellent beach and swimming conditions!

Costa Dorada

Also known as the Golden Coast, Costa Dorada lies along the coastline of the region of Tarragona. Here you can find golden sand, golden rock formations and a beautiful golden sun. There are over 60 different beaches along the Costa Dorada, with clear blue waters and massive sand stretches to relax on. These beaches are great for quick day visits if you’re looking to escape the city for a few hours!

Sitges – It only takes about 30 minutes to get to the famous beaches of Sitges by train. This region is famous for its energy and colour. Known as a hot spot for the LGBT and international communities during the summer.

La Mora Beach – You can get to La Mora in about 90 minutes, but you’ll have to take the Renfe train and then a local bus to get to it. The beaches here are stocked with facilities, including a campsite if you’re interested in spending the night!

Tamarit – The beach of Tamarit is a breathtaking place. It is a long stretch of thin golden sand surrounded cliffs, hillsides, and medieval buildings. It takes about 90 minutes to travel here, but it’s totally worth it.

Riumar – It takes almost 2 hours to get all the way to the region of Ruimar, but once you get there you will be happy you took the journey! There is camping and hotels along the beach but other than that you will feel completely isolated in paradise.

Costa Brava

Possibly the most famous coastline on the Iberian Peninsula, the Costa Brava is absolutely jaw dropping. It got its name from the wild and exciting terrain that creates hidden, isolates coves of paradises. The Costa Brava stretches from the border of France all the way down to Blanes and consists of hundreds of inlets and beach stretches. Most of the beaches here are only accessible by bus, due to the winding roads and steep climbs you must pass to get to them. Along most of Costa Brava you will find a continuous hiking trail (Camins de Ronda) which connects all of the little hard to reach beaches. This is the case with Tamariu, Canadell and Llafranc.

Tamariu – It will take you about 2.5 hours to get to the jaw dropping cove of Tamariu by bus. The beaches here are made of small rocks and dramatic cliff sides accompanied by clear blue waters. You’ll even find caves to swim in here!

Canadell – The beach of Canadell is very exclusive and small. But the pastel coloured buildings and local atmosphere makes for a an amazing vacation vibe! Canadell is very close to Tamariu and Llafranc and you will need to take the same buses from Barcelona to reach it!

Llafranc – Llafranc is about a 2.5 hours on the bus from Barcelona. It’s a quaint, charming beach town with a small but plentiful beach front! There are many charming rentable pisos here and a close, small town vibe to enjoy. The beach fills up fast, so be ready to arrive early!

Aiguablava – Just a 40 minute hike along the Costa Brava from Tamariu is where you will find the beautiful Aiguablava. The beach itself is surrounded by dramatic mountains, cliffs and pine forests making it seem hidden from the whole world

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