Barcelona is a really bicycle friendly city. You can find bike lanes in almost all neighbourhoods for people who enjoy an alternative method of transportation. If you’d like to get in on this ever-growing, eco friendly trend, we recommend the great deals at Budget Bikes! When Budget Bikes opened in 2006 they were one of the first bike rental locations in Barcelona. Since then, they have been working hard to offer people quality biking services. In addition to quality, long term, bike rentals, Budget Bikes offers several different bike tours around the city – like the Gaudi tour, the highlights tour and even a tapas tour!

How it works:

bikesWhen renting a bike you will have to pay a €100 deposit, which will be returned when the bike is returned. They will give you 2 heavy-duty locks for you to use around the city and you will also have access to their repair service during the length of your rental. Prices are listed below:

  • 1 month = €65
  • 2 months = €70
  • 3 months = €75
  • 4 months = €80
  • 5 months = €85
  • 6 months = €90
  • 1 year = €120 (€0,33 /day)

If you are interested in renting with Budget Bikes, you can call them at +34 691 016 085 or visit the shop Paral-lel at Nou de la Rambla 106, Barcelona. For even more information on rental, tours, shop locations and other services, check out their website!

Pick up your bike today!


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