The first task you’ll have to complete when arriving in Barcelona is getting from the airport or train station to wherever you’re staying! There are several options available to you, like the bus or metro but the easiest and most convenient option is a taxi! You don’t have to worry about hailing a cab, you will find them waiting just outside of El Prat. On average, the price of a cab ride to the city centre from El prat will come to around to 30€ but prices depending on the time of day and traffic conditions.

But, why not skip all that and reserve a luxury car service to pick you up and take you wherever you need to go for less? Well, thats where Cabify comes in!

What is Cabify

Cabify is a comprehensive mobility solution offering private car services with chauffeur across several different luxury vehicle types. Their customers can order a car easily through the App or on the web to ensure quick, ready and reliable service!

Your Benefits

FIXED PRICING: By booking with Cabify’s app, you will be able to estimate the price of your trip before you even get in the car. Cabify charges by distance, not time in the vehicle. So there will be no surprise fees!

caby1VEHICLE SELECTION: Cabify offers a selection of vehicle types to give you optimal comfort. Cabify Lite is the star category that can be up to 20% cheaper than the traditional alternatives. With Cabify Executive, you can ride in style in a classy Mercedes or Audi vehicle. And then there is Cabify Group,  the service for large groups – up to 7 people per vehicle.

RESERVATION OR ON DEMAND: With the Cabify app you can either schedule a ride ahead of time or order one on demand.

HASSLE-FREE PAYMENT: By linking your credit card up to the Cabify app, all payments will be made automatically!

NO HIDDEN COSTS: Have extra bags? Have an airport pickup? All is included with Cabify, no hidden costs.

Enjoy a 6€ Discount on your first travel with promotion code: CITYLIFE6

cabyAs if the service couldn’t get any better, the Citylife team has worked out a great discount to everyone in the Citylife Barcelona community. To obtain the discount all you have to do is follow a few simple steps:

Download the Cabify App or head over to the Cabify website and register your account! Then you simply enter the discount code and you’ll receive 6€ off! The discount code CITYLIFE6 is valid for all car categories except Taxi and cannot be use with other promotions or discounts!*

**Valid for all Cabify categories except Taxi. Promotion cannot be accumulated with other discounts. This code is only for users who haven´t enjoyed any previous discount. Cabify reserves the right to cancellation. Limited validity.**

– Leah



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