During your time abroad, your friends and family will probably want to send you some care packages now and then and vice versa – especially if you can’t make it home for special occasions like Christmas and birthdays! If you are from the European Union, or need to send something within Europe, then you should really take a look at CangoBox!

Cangobox was formed for the same reason Citylife was – to make your experience abroad as smooth as possible. Their team is made up of people who have lived abroad and who struggled with the process of sending and receiving packages. But Cangobox will make it all the easier!

canga2It really is easy, all you have to do is visit and select the destination you’d wish to send your package to. Once you’ve entered the details of the package and the destination the website will give you a price. You can get all of the labels for your package on the spot, or you can have them sent to you by email and the carrier will pass the collection address. Then you simply select a specific date and time for the delivery! That’s it!

Get an additional 5% discount on any shipment by entering the promotion code CITYLIFE before finishing the process!


– The Citylife Team



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