There are many ways to get into the Christmas season, and one of them is spending a day at a traditional Christmas market! Luckily for you, Barcelona is loaded with markets this time of year. Food markets, clothing markets, artisan markets, mini festival – the list goes on! In addition to spreading some holiday cheer, these markets are a great place to further get to know the Catalan and Spanish culture. After all, Christmas is an extremely important time for a Catholic country and means a lot more than just Santa Clause and gifts under the tree. Take advantage of your time in Barcelona this December and check out as many Mercats de Nadal on this list as you can!

Fira de Santa Llúcia

Barcelona Cathedral – Avenida de la Catedral 

This is the most well-known Christmas market with lots of stalls selling Christmas trees, Caga tiós (literally translated as “shit guys”….don’t ask), decorations and mistletoes. In the ‘Artesania’ section you will find a wide range of handmade and custom designed items! The market opens on November 25th and continues through December 23rd and open every day from 10:30-22:30!

Fira de Nadal a la Sagrada Família

Sagrada Família – Carrer de Mallorca 401

This Christmas market is located just next to Sagrada família in the mini park set infant of the cathedral! It offers all your standard Christmas trinkets. There are around 120 stalls offering decorations, snacks and other “Christmas-sy” stuff. But the true reason to visit is the beautiful location! There market will operate from November 29th – December 23rd and is open every day at 10:00-22:00.

Refugees Aid Barcelona Christmas Market

Carrer d’Aragó, 559 

Refugees Aid Barcelona is organizing its first Christmas market! Visitors can spend their day with their family while taking the opportunity help other! They will be selling Christmas decorations and other knickknacks. All benefits will go directly to the Al-Nokhba School a project in collaboration with One Light Global to enrol 200 children Syrians in Turkey. It’s happening on December 3rd and will be open from 11:00-17:00!

Van Van Passeig de Gràcia

Passeig de Gràcia

This market is not dedicated solely to Christmas, but its definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of street food (I mean, who isn’t?). Van Van will be held on the 1st of December along the Passeig de Gràcia, between the Carrer de Casp at Gran Via. There’s going to be 12 food trucks of gastronomic delicacies for everyone to indulge on and ambient music to enjoy as well!

Fira de Reis a la Gran Vía

Career Gran Vía between Muntaner & Calabria 

In many cases The Day of the Three Kings is more important than Christmas day itself! And the Fira de Reis a la Gran Vía proves that easily. It is the biggest Christmas market in the city to buy gifts and Christmas related items. More than 300 stalls are set up to sell toys and delicious candy! The market starts later than the rest, running through December 21st to January 6th from 11:00-22:00.

Plaça de Catalunya Fira de Nadal

Plaça Catalunya

This Chistmas fair takes place at the beautiful Plaça Catalunya and has many activities for families. Due to its central location within Barcelona, it’s a very popular place! They also have The “Fira de Consum Responsable” that promotes and sells handmade and sustainable gifts, services and activities for Christmas presents! The market runs from December 17th – January 4th, from 10:00-21:00!

Fira de Nadal a l’Eix CorEixample

Carrer Roger de Llúria, 56

This Fira de Nadal is organized with the partners of Coreixample association that consist of nearly 200 enterprises in the area within to l’Eixample. From this market you can buy gifts and attend several free activities that are organised throughout the day! Like concerts, workshops and food tastings! This fair will be running on the 17th of December from 11:00-21:00!

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