Who else is ready to grab a towel and sunscreen and hit the beach? With the sunny weather approaching, the urge to splash in the water is getting stronger and stronger. But what if you wanna skip the mellow beach splashes and go hardcore cannon-ball-style? When you’re tired of the itchy sand getting all up in your business, go soak in some chlorine glory! In Barcelona, there’s plenty of outdoor swimming pools open to the general public. Many sports clubs require memberships in order to use their private pools, which can be expensive. But worry not! Here is a list of pools you can visit for a one-time entrance fee, no membership required. What are you waiting for? Grab that SPF 30 and get goin’.

Llac de la Creueta del Coll

Located in Barcelona’s El Parc de la Creueta del Coll, this enormous oasis offers you a chillaxing swim that your wallet will approve of. Around the perimeter of the pool are palm trees along with a sandy area for some sandy activities. There is also a sculpture by famous artist Eduardo Chilida called “In Praise of Water”.  The swimming pool will be open from June 24th to September 11th, from 10am – 8:30pm. General admission prices range from 3 to 6 euros, the best deal in town!

Llac de Can Dragó

Everything’s bigger in Barcelona! Hidden in the Parc Esportiu de Can Dragó is the biggest pool in the city. This enormous artificial lake is part of a 15,000 m2 sport complex that comes along with a large grassy area perfect for sunbathing or any relaxing activity you can think of. The Llac de Can Dragó will be officially open from June 18th to September 4th. Opening hours  are 10:30am to 7:30pm and general admission costs 7.10 euros. Go big or go home!

Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc

This summertime hotspot has one of the most stunning panoramic views of the city. Located on Montjuïc Hill, the Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc is a sports venue with two Olympic-sized pools that become available to the public during the late summer season. This is actually the same venue where the diving events and water polo preliminaries were hosted during the 1992 Summer Olympics! Not to mention the 2003 AND 2013 World Aquatics Championships as well.

Still not good enough? Check out this Apple iPhone 7 commercial filmed here at Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc for an even better look at their elite diving board. These pools will officially open to the public starting on July 2nd to September 4th from 11am – 6:30pm. The daily general admission fee is 6.05 euros. Get ready to swim and dive like a true champion! (Or a grandpa with white swim shorts)


Apparently in Barcelona, a pool isn’t a pool unless you have a glorious view of the city. At the Club Esportiu Vall Parc, you will find another impressive swimming pool surrounded by comfy lounge chairs, waiting for you to lay down and enjoy the summer weather. Don’t let the smaller dimensions fool you… the Vall Parc pool makes up for size with luxury! Spend the entire day there for just 10 euros. The Vallparc pool will be ready for dippin’ on June 11th to September 11th, everyday from 10:00am to 7:00pm. There are also 10x pool passes on sale for 80 euros, just incase you realize the posh pool-life really is for you.

Olímpics Vall d’Hebron

The Olímpics Vall d’Hebron sports facility also has an outdoor pool open to the public during the summer. While it may not appear as extravagant as the ones above, it has everything you need for a perfect pool day at a perfect price. Surrounded by 2,000 m2 of natural grass, you’ll have plenty of space to spread out your towel and get your tan on. There’s also a vending area incase you get the munchies mid-tan. The one-time entry free is only 5 euros.

– Justina


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Thank u. Could be nice know about similar complex in tarragona, sitges and girona. Bye!


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