Do you ever just find yourself craving a specific kind of food at the most inconvenient times like when you’re working or just can’t move from the couch, only to hopelessly think ugh, if only that place would deliver? Well, lucky for you Barcelona has Deliveroo!!

deliverooWhat’s Deliveroo? Essentially, this hidden gem is a British company that is currently revolutionizing the online food delivery industry by partnering with restaurants that don’t normally deliver. Their staff picks up your order, and delivers it at your convenience. Basically how Deliveroo works is, seconds after you enter your postcode on the website you’ll find a list of possible restaurants in your area to order from and you can go from there. Make sure you have a credit or debit card on hand, however, because Deliveroo does not except cash. Typically, the minimum order value is €15.00 , but this can vary based on the restaurant, and delivery charge right now is usually €2.50 for all orders. Don’t want that much food? If your order comes to a value under €15.00 you’ll just be charged an extra €2.00 – so my advice would be to just splurge and save the rest for tomorrow’s lunch.

Good news is prices are generally the same as they would be in the store. Even better news – you can even order your food up to a day in advance if you’re extra dedicated to the delivery process Deliveroo services are open from noon to 23:00 each day so take advantage of this opportunity and tell all your friends!!

Want an 6-8€ discount? All you have to do is visit or download the App, make a profile with your address, find the best restaurants near you. When your order is ready to go, type in the discount code CITYLIFEMADRID. It’s that easy!

Qué aproveche!

– Marisa



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