Everyone’s heard of salsa, bachata or flamenco, right? These latin and Spanish dances are some of the most popular movements in the entire world! It’s popularity in latin countries in addition to the ever-growing fanbase across Europe and North America! So what’s the reason for this popularity? It’s not just the irresistible rhythm and groovy moves, but it’s also for the stories told with each dance. These stories introduce emotions and passion from deep within!

If you want to learn and practice these dances during your time in Spain, take a look at our fun list of recommendations!


If a picture says a thousand words, then imagine how many a video says! Check out the video above to get the full U-Dance experience. This school is one of the most popular in Barcelona and they even teach our Meet & Dance classes! There are 4 places where you can meet them and learn quickly how to dance. They are a member of the Citylife community which mean that fellow community members get discounts!

Mojito Escuela de Baile

The Mojito Escuela de Baile is the place to go if you are looking to truly learn and perfect the craft of Latin dancing.  They offer a variety of classes for dances like salsa, cubana, bachata, avanzado and more! They host several levels and skills and will push you to perfect the dance! Definitely check out this school if you’re looking for a more serious group of classes!

Antilla Salsa Barcelona

And last but not least we introduce the Antilla Salsa Barcelona dance classes! It is very similar to the rest on the list, with a slight twist. This school organizes the courses quarterly, and in the summer it also offers Intensive Courses and free Workshops for those who want to take advantage of their vacation period. Their School of dance receives pupils of all levels and for the different specialties and rhythms, too.


– Viki


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