There’s no wrong time to drink coffee in Spain. Almost every traditional bar will have an espresso machine and whether it’s 12pm or am they’ll be happy to serve you a cup. The trick is knowing exactly what to ask for, and that’s where Citylife comes in!

cafe-soloCafé solo: The classic shot of espresso in a cup, and also the most common way to drink coffee in Spain. The café solo has the added benefit of coming in an adorable tiny cup to make you feel authentically European and also like a giant.

Café doble: If the café solo isn’t doing it for you, get the double shot!


cafe-americanoAmericano: The story goes that American GIs in Italy in World War II would dilute the coffee there with water to approximate the flavor they were used to in the U.S..  As a result, today an Americano is a single or double shot of espresso with water added (the amount varies).


cafe-cortadoCortado: For something a little milder and creamier but still adorably tiny, the cortado is perfect. Equal parts espresso and steamed milk, this 4-oz drink is great for a little pick-me-up.



cafe-bombomCafé Bombón: If you have a sweet tooth this is the coffee for you! The café bombón originated in Alicante and is made with equal parts espresso and condensed milk.


cafe-con-lecheCafé con Leche – The king of Spanish coffee is the café con leche (equal parts espresso and milk – you can choose hot or lukewarm milk). Though technically the café solo is more popular, when I think of Spain I think of café con leche!



Now you’re ready to explore Spain’s thousands of coffee shops! Try them and see what suits you best – you never know what tastes you might develop during your time here! Don’t forget to drink slowly and linger at the table for as long as you want once you’ve finished.

– Emilia


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