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Throughout the whole week of Holy Week, also known as Semana Santa there are many religious processions. Hermandades and Cofradias are groups of people based at different churches who organize these processions. The umbrella organization here in Barcelona is the Consell General de Germandats i Cofraries de la Arxidiòcesi de Barcelona. The two main Hermandades de la Penitencia organize the processions from the Església de San Agustí on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The processions are very solemn and beautifully, intricately decorated floats with Jesus are paraded through the city streets. People participating in the processions dress in traditional capirote – the tall hat which covers the face and belted robes. Women often wear the mantilla, a black lace veil worn high on the back of the head. Be sure to look out for the giant crosses and music because these are signals that the procession is near.

Palm Sunday (March 25th)

This day always falls on the Sunday before Easter. It is a celebration of the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem. All churches have mass on this day, which includes a special ceremony in which the priest leave the church to bless the congregation who are carrying laurel branches and palm stalks and leaves. Boys carry the palmons, which are tall palm stalks and the girls carry the palmes. The children’s palms all have sweets or toys attached to them and are decorated with Catalan senyera ribbons. Below is a schedule of the Palm Sunday Procession.

Diumenge de Rams

  • Led by La Hermandad de la Macarena y la Jesús del Gran Poder
  • Start: 10:00 Església de Sant Agustí, Plaça Sant Agustí, 2, Raval
  • Finish: 12:00 Església de Sant Agustí
  • Route: Plaça Sant Agustí, Carrer Hospital, La Rambla, Carrer Santa Ana, Portal de l’Àngel, Carrer Cucurulla, Carrer Portaferrisa, La Rambla, Carrer Hospital, Plaça Sant

Bendició de la Palma – The Blessing of the Palm

  • 11:00 at La Seu – Barcelona Cathedral
  • 12:00 at La Sagrada Familia Church

Good Friday (March 30th)

There are two main parades/processions in Barcelona on this day. One of these processions consists of two “paso” floats  and around 300 participants and musicians. The schedules for both processions are below.

Good Friday – Santa Maria del Mar 

  • Procession at Santa Maria del Mar basilica
  • Start: 09:30 Via Crucis procession – Procession of Stations of the Cross.
  • Procession route: Santa Maria del Mar, Fossar de les moreres, Pg del Born, Carrer del Rec, Carrer Bonaire, Carrer Rere palau, Marques argentera, Pla de Palau, carrer Espaseria and finish as Santa Maria del Mar

Good Friday – Divendres Sant Procession 

  • Led by La Hermandad de la Macarena – Paso Cristo
  • Start: 17.00 Església de Sant Agustí in Plaça Sant Agustí, 2, Raval
  • At 20.00 they meet with the procession of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias in front of Barcelona Cathedral
  • Finish: around 22.30 Església de Sant Agustí
  • Route: Plaça Sant Agustí, La Rambla, Carrer Santa Anna, Portal de l’Ángel, Carrer dels Arcs, Plaça Nova, Avinguda Catedral, Boters, Pi, Plaça del Pi, Carrer Cardenal Casañas, La Rambla, Carrer Hospital and Plaça Sant Agustí

Good Friday – Barcelona Cathedral 

  • Service and procession at Barcelona Cathedral
  • Start: 15:00 Sermó de les Set Paraules.
    The Bearers of the Holy Christ of Lepanto bring the Holy Christ to the front of the Cathedral to be adored by the faithful at 15:00 on Good Friday.  A Canon reads the Sermon of the Seven Words, discussing the last seven words said by Jesus before his death
  • Start: 18:30  Via Crucis procession on Avinguda de la Catedral
    Procession of Stations of the Cross on the Avinguda de la Catedral
  • Procession route: On Avinguda de la Catedral

Good Friday – Divendres Sant Procession 

  • Led by La Hermandad y Cofradía de Nuestra Señora de las Angustias
  • Paso: Nuestra Señora de las Angustias – Our Lady of Sorrows
  • Start: 19:00 Església de Sant Jaume at Carrer de Ferran, 28, Barri Gòtic
  • At 20:00 they meet with the procession of la Hermandad de la Macarena in front of Barcelona Cathedral
  • Finish: 23:00 at Església de Sant Jaume
  • Route: Església de Sant Jaume, Carrer Ferrán, Plaça Sant Jaume, Carrer Bisbe, Avinguda de la Catedral, Boters, Portaferrissa, La Rambla and Ferrán, Església de Sant Jaume

Easter Sunday (April 1st)

This is a family day in Barcelona but you have masses and services in all churches.

Cofradia 15 + 1 in Hospitalet

The biggest processions in Barcelona you can find in a suburb called Hospitalet de Llobregat. With a little effort you can reach the place and it will be less touristic than the city center. The number 15 was the number of original organisers and the number 1 was added later to symbolise the town of Hospitalet. These kind of processions are special because there is no church involvement in their processions. With metro line L5 and metro stop Can Vidalet you can reach this special occasion. Here you find the overview of all the processions in Hospitalet.

Domingo de Ramos – Palm Sunday

  • 11:00  Paso Cristo – La Borriquita (little donkey)
  • 18:30  Paso de Jusús Cautivo
  • Starts: Placa de la Bobila

Viernes Santo – Good Friday

  • 30  Paso de Jesús Nazareno
  • 08:30  Nuestra Señora de los Dolores (Our Lady of Sorrows)
  • 21:00  Paso del Cristo de la Expiación (The Atonement of Christ)
  • Starts: Carrer del Moli

Sabado Santo – Easter Saturday

  • 20:00  Paso del Santo Sepulcro (The Holy Tomb)
  • 20:00  Nuestra Señora de la Soledad (Our Lady of Solitude)
  • Starts: Placa de la Bobila

Domingo de Resurrecion – Resurrection Sunday (Easter Sunday)

  • 18:00 Paso Jesús Resucitado (Resurrection of Jesus)
  • 18:00 Nuestra Señora de los Remedios (Our Lady of Remedies)
  • Start: Placa de la Bobila



– Nina & Tommy


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