Spain can be a tricky place to live if you have food allergies. The staple foods (café con leche, baguette, and cured hams) are not exactly vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, or lactose-intolerant-friendly. However, in recent years awareness of food allergies, vegetarianism, and veganism has grown exponentially and the number of stores and restaurants that cater their food to those demographics has grown accordingly.


veganveritas– Carrer Josep Balari, 15 –

A chain of organic supermarkets across the city, Veritas is a budget-friendly option that carries a huge variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free products. Determined to make healthy, ecologically-friendly food available for everyone, Veritas is a great place to stock up on allergy-friendly products.




vegancopasetic– Carrer de la Diputació 55 –

This vintage 20s-inspired café offers delicious vegetarian, lactose-free, and gluten-free brunches. Some stand-outs from the menu include the gluten-free red velvet crepe and the veggie burger. It also has a charitable side; donate 1 euro for a “suspended” coffee/sandwich and Copasetic will give it to a person in need.



veganallium– Carrer Call 17 –

Allium is a traditional Spanish restaurant with a twist. It serves classic dishes such as battered squid, breaded artichokes, and seafood paella, but the vast majority of its dishes are adapted to celiacs and patrons with dairy, nut, egg, or soya allergies.



Restaurant Gut 

vegangut– Carrer del Perill 13 –

Aptly named, Restaurant Gut will leave your tummy satisfied. This modern Spanish tapas bar offers a number of delicious vegetarian, gluten-free takes on classic Spanish dishes; in fact, nearly 90% of the menu is safe for celiacs.



vegansyn– Carrer Galileu 115 –

Gluten-free bakeries can be hard to find but it would be a travesty to live in Spain and never sample churros con chocolate. At Syngluten you can find them both gluten- and lactose-free.




La Botteghina

veganbotteghina– Carrer Clos de Sant Francesc 35 –

Aside from carrying a wide range of national and international organic food, La Botteghina also dedicates a large part of its shop to gluten-free products and a wide range of products for people allergic to lactose, nuts, eggs, peanuts, and yeast.


La Lluna

veganlaluna– Calle Santa Anna 20 –

Located right next door to the Celiac Association of Catalunya, it was inevitable that La Lluna would become a gluten-free destination. They no longer use wheat flour in any of their sauce bases and all the pastries are made with almond meal. The only things on the menu to be wary of are the fried dishes, which may have been exposed to flour.


– Emilia


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I have a shellfish allergy. Any safe restaurants in Barcelona?

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