The Fundacio Suñol
is a private non-profit foundation dedicated to showcasing the private art collection of the late Josep Suñol. Located on Passeig de Gràcia, 98, the art exhibit holds a substantial collection of more than 1,200 different pieces of contemporary art, including works from artists like Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Andy Warhol, Manolo Valdés, Salvador Dalí, Susana Solano, Antonio Tápies, and many more.

Josep Suñol was a Barcelona native who was passionately dedicated to expanding his art collection. Between 1980 and 1984, he added an extraordinary total of 377 new art pieces. Today, over 200 artists are featured at the non-profit foundation. Suñol’s father, Josep Suñol i Garriga (1898-1936), was a well-known Barcelona native who worked as a lawyer, journalist, politician, and president of the internationally renown fútbol team, FC Barcelona. During the beginnings of the Spanish Civil War, he was arrested and murdered by Franco’s soldiers.

suñolThe organization of Fundacio Suñol publicly promotes the creation and propagation of avant-gande art (Vanguardismo in Spanish), an artistic style that involves experimental or unorthodox expression. It defines art and culture that may be considered nontraditional or unacceptable, and breaks the confines of the status quo.

Besides the main art exhibit, the Fundacio Suñol also has its own multidisciplinary space, called “Nivell Zero”. It is used for smaller exhibitions and other events, such as debates, conferences, poetry sessions, and workshops. It adjoins the main exhibition building and is located on the same block as Antoni Gaudí’s Pedrera.

The Fundacio Suñol is open Monday thru Friday from 11:00-14:00 and 16:00-20:00. On Saturdays, the museum is only open from 16:00-20:00, and then closed on Sundays. General admission tickets cost 4 euros at the door, but can be purchased online with a 5% discount. For more information about the museum, check out their website.

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