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As one of Barcelona’s oldest neighborhoods, the place is filled with charming tapas restaurants and cafés. It also has its fair share of tourist traps, but this guide will help you avoid those and find the best places to eat. Through the windy streets and alleys with impressive architecture, there are hidden treasures, from restaurants and cafés, to clubs and bars. Check out our list below of café and restaurants!

El Bosc de Les Fades

Hidden in the busy tourist hub of Las Ramblas, this restaurant transports you to a magical fairy tale. It is one of the most unique dining experiences you will find in Barcelona and possibly even in Spain. The interior is decorated with artificial woodland, fairies, and even some waterfalls. Now about the food, they serve tapas, snacks, and yummy sandwiches.

 El Quatre Gats

This place is famous for being the host of Picasso’s first ever exhibition, numerous artists, musicians, and architects. It opened in 1897 and has been a hot spot for artists and locals to gather and eat. During its inception it also functioned as a hostel, a cabaret, a pub, and a restaurant. Its rich history has made it a popular spot to visit. The menu features many fish dishes and traditional Spanish food such as salmorejo and different types of rice dishes.

La Alcoba Azul

gotic-azulFound in the old Jewish quarter, El Call, this little but amazing tapas bar is hidden. If you ever find it, La Alcoba Azul specializes in tostas. Tostas are thick slices of countryside bread slathered with tomatoes, cheese, and even roasted vegetables. This place is a favorite among locals and is worth the struggle to find it.

Satan’s Coffee Corner

Looking for a trendy high quality cup of coffee? Look no further, this café can be found on one of the coziest, brightest, and quietest streets in the neighborhood. Founder, Marcos Bartolomé comes from a family of coffee makers and creates his own blends, which change every season. If you life, you can even take some of these unique blends home. Aside from serving gourmet coffee, they also offer a wide range of options from steamed muscles to excellent sandwiches and cured meat.


The perfect place for special occasions and a romantic evening, Pla is one of the most beautiful restaurants tucked away in the Gothic Quarter. It is located on the Plaça Sant Jaume and was opened in 1998. The dining room looks right out of the medieval times. They offer inventive dishes and different tasting menus such as seared tuna with oven-roasted peppers, oxtail braised in red wine, and polenta with seasonal mushrooms.

Café de L’Acadèmia

Also hidden in a narrow alleyway, this place is local treasure that offers modern Catalan cuisine. The menu features numerous delicious fish dishes. The dining experience is both intimate and comfortable, plus they offer privacy with different dining rooms and a terrace. The place is popular spot for academics (hence the name) to meet. The café is a nice escape from the busy and hectic main tourist streets.

Set Portes

One of the classic places to eat in Barcelona, Set Portes started out as a small friendly warm café, but has since grown to be quite large and successful. They are famous for their paella and offer a wide variety of seafood and rice dishes that are prepared traditionally. It is recommended to try the monkfish stew with potatoes and crayfish. Interestingly, the names comes from its seven public doors and is a must visit place to eat during your visit.


This restaurant offers a full view of the busy street of Las Ramblas. In a somewhat formal dining setting they serve a scrumptious Mediterranean cuisine. It is a truly romantic and summer like setting as it is decorated with white canopies, orange trees, and even features wooden decking. There is also terrace that is bordered by two historic charming buildings, which adds a regal backdrop for a Spanish meal. The dishes are creative and both delicious and a sight for the eyes.

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