After a night of partying like a true Spaniard during Carnaval, it is only a matter time before you hear your stomach grumble. Dancing and walking all around Barcelona has made you hungry and now you are faced with a problem, where can you get some food late night? Well, here are a few of our favorite places to eat late at night before going out and after. Check them out!


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This place is traditional yet modern. You can order freshly prepared food tapas style. Interestingly anxova means anchovy in Calatan, which is their specialty. It is very affordable and located in the very center of the Gracia’s district.

L’Ovella Negra

Open to 3am every day, this is the place to go for sangria and endless popcorn. The staff is very friendly and you can even play some pool and foosball. Be careful not to miss it thought since it is tucked away on one of the narrow streets of Barcelona.

Pizza del Sortidor

Even though pizza is not a typical Spanish food, we all crave a cheesy slice after a night of partying. This place serves the real good stuff, not talking about a pre-made slice served on a piece of cardboard. They make fresh wood fired pizza.

The Benedict

Known for their delicious amazing brunch, they also happen to serve food late at night. It is a highly recommended bistro that serves some of the best burgers in Barcelona. They have an extensive menu from tapas to nachos and more. This place is must to eat and you really should check it out for brunch the next day!

Las Fernández

A small place but it has a great menu that changes frequently and isn’t expensive at all. Three sisters have run it for more than 10 years and this place stands out for their authentic and fun atmosphere. It is located in the city centre, walking distance to other bars, and open to 3am most days.

El Pachuco

If you are craving spicy delicious cheesy Mexican food, you need to check this place out. They serve some of the best tacos in town. Plus everything is homemade and fresh.

The Bollocks

Cheap beer, friendly people, and good music are how this place is often described. The walls are covered in pictures of rock stars and metal gods surrounded by graffiti. Situated in the Barrio Gótico, this place serves burgers, fries, and alcohol at reasonable prices.

Sub Rosa

This is an inexpensive late night hip bar near Royal Plaza in the heart of the Gothic area. Known for their ridiculously fresh and fruity cocktails and dark atmosphere.

The Coconut Club

The bar is a cozy and offers terrace seating. However, this place is a little pricier than some of the others. It has a great atmosphere and good music with DJs playing during the weekends. Also it is open to 3am so you can stop buy and grab good food near the beach.

NAPA Restaurant

They serve a mixture of Mediterranean and American cuisine, which is well worth a visit. Sadly it is not open super late, but they serve such like tacos with sushi rice and guacamole and patatas bravas. Not to mention, it is pretty affordable for this type of high quality fresh food. It is recommended as place to check out before clubbing.


– Nina



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a restaurant Nomm in poble sec. i think their kitchen open until 1am on friday and Saturday.

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