Hola todos! My name is Ronja. I come from the promised land of saunas, Santa and reindeer, from a country also known as Finland! I was born in Northern-Finland in a city called Oulu. Almost 4 years ago I moved 600 kilometers away from my hometown to study at even smaller city called Porvoo. Study life in Porvoo was cosy and obviously filled with parties but I craved more so I applied to Erasmus exchange to Lincoln in England. I spent a semester in England in the spring 2015 and had my awesome exchange experience there.

ronjablog2After a while, I found myself wondering why I was living only in small cities for my erasmus experiences. I decided that it was time to finally go abroad to a bigger and more international city to meet new people and have new experiences. So, I quickly bought myself a ticket and moved to Barcelona! I chose this city because I had been here before and I felt like I needed to return to get to know it better. I got to know the city for a few weeks, taking in the culture and the big city vibes when I spotted a place called Citylife Barcelona. I was really interested in everything they were doing – organizing events and interacting with the young, international community in Barcelona! And I was so lucky to find out, that Citylife was looking for an intern! Woohoo that would be perfect for me! It worked well with my studies back home, so I would gain a lot of work experience as well as amazing life experience. And now, here I am!

Because my own Erasmus experience was so amazing, I want to be part of yours. Helping you to settle to new city and find your new friends from at events. If you wish to meet me you can find me at the Citylife office and at our weekly events Meet & Speak or my favourite thing to do on Mondays,  Meet & Dance. I’m also doing some behind the scenes stuff for Citylife’s blog and new events for upcoming semesters!! Stay tuned for more and most of all enjoy your time in Barcelona!!!


– Ronja


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