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Have you wondered what the Sagrada Familia would look like if it were completely made of chocolate? What about the chariot scene from Ben Hur? Well, at Barcelona’s Museu de la Xocolata you can see all of that and more! Centuries ago, the Saint Augustine convent was introduced to a product called coco. They quickly discovered different ways of cooking and serving this coco to the people of the city. Their most loyal customers were the soldiers of the Bourbon army, who visited the convent on a daily basis to pick up their ration of chocolate. Eventually, the soldiers, their commanders and even the monarchy themselves fell so in love with chocolate they earned the nickname “los chocolateros“.

chocolate-museum1The convent has since closed, but due to its close relationship with chocolate, The Confectionary Guild of Barcelona decided to open up their Chocolate Museum in the building in the year 2000. The museum is located in the heart of Barcelona, in the El Born district of Ciutat Vella. Visitors to the museum have a plethora of things to see here. Like the impressive gallery of chocolate sculptures derived from famous film and book scenes, as well as worldwide monuments like the Arc de Triomphe, and the palace of Petra! The museu also offers a ton of interactive activities for adults and children alike. From baking classes, chocolate painting courses, guided tours of the factory, chocolate tastings, chocolate making classes and even a chocolate and alcohol pairing class! Museu Xocolata also has a mouthwatering shop, with artisan products ranging from milk, white and dark chocolates. But it doesn’t stop there – they have chocolate mixed with fruits & nuts, treats made with 60%-90% pure coco, salt chocolate and collectors items that make great gifts!

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