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Are you looking for an alternative mode of transportation around the city? Something cheaper and more temporary than a car, but a little more personal than the metro? Luckily for you, Barcelona is becoming more and more eco-friendly every year and there are a lot of options for people who like to combine recreation with transportation! Check out our list below for great shops where you can rent long-term bikes as well a short-term bikes, roller blades, scooters and more!


Organized and maintained by the city council of Barcelona in 2007, Bicing has taken the city by storm. It’s based on a sharing system where cardholders take an available bike from a bike station and return the bike to the closest station to them at the end of their journey. To activate the card, users must pay an annual fee of 48€, the first 30 minutes of travel are free, but each 30 minutes after, the user will be charged 0.74 € more. For this, and the fact that users must have a NIE/TIE document to use Bicing, we recommend this system for people are staying longer than 3 months and who plan to use the bike systems several times a day, all year round!

Budget Bikes

Budget Bikes
 has been around in Barcelona for longer than most shops! They focus mainly on short term rentals and bike tours. The have a wide variety of offers at reasonable prices and they are making electric bikes more and more available every year! You can rent the bikes on a hourly or daily basis starting as low as 6€!


If you’re looking for a more temporary solution – maybe for a day or weekend of recreational fun – turn to RSB. Their name might say Rental Scooter Barcelona, but they also offer rental bikes and rental roller-blades! They have a selection of Vespa scooters starting at 30€ to rent for 10 hours, bikes to rent for as little as 6€ for 4 hours and rollerblades to rent starting at 5€ for 1 hour!


Have you always wanted to try out a segway? An electric scooter or bike? Maybe even an electric tuk tuk or a funky street scooter? Well, look no further! W4nted has locations all over Spain and you can find their shop here in Barcelona in Plaça de Catalunya! They have a huge collection of short-term rental vehicles for you to try out. Each vehicle has varying prices – scooters from 14€ per hour, bikes from 5€ per hour and segways from 23€ per hour! To read all the details in full and see their full catalog of rentable vehicles, head over to W4nted’s official website.

E-Bike Rent


E-Bike Rent is a shop which provides short-term and long-term bike rentals, bike tours around the city and even sells bikes and accessories! What’s special about E-Bike is that all of their products are electric! It’s a little more expensive than the options above, but thats because you’re paying for high quality, great condition vehicles! Bikes range from 4€-15€ for 2 hours and between 80€-250€ for 1 month! Check out everything they offer, terms and conditions and prices on their official website!


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