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Traveling used to be about disconnecting from normal life and becoming one with the world. In the past, bringing a mobile with you while abroad was a luxury most people didn’t have. But, it’s all changed now! Everyone has a phone during their time abroad now and rather than a luxury it is more like a necessity. You don’t need to break the bank to have a mobile abroad either, in fact there are several options when it comes to buying your Spanish phone. If you want to explore all your options, check out Getting Connected in Barcelona!

Unlock your phone or get a cheap second hand phone at the CeX – Webuy.com store!

CEX1CeX or Webuy.com is a great place to find both old and new electronics. They have shops all over the city where you can shop on site and also a great website where you can find even more options to be ordered and delivered to your home. They offer the best deals in town on high quality second hand electronics, video games and movies. On top, and most importantly, they have quality mobile phones at great prices (new ones and second hand phones)! From iPhone’s to Androids and all the accessories in between, you can get the perfect phone for your time in Spain. And whats more, they will even buy the phone back from you when your finished using it, providing it is still in decent shape!

If you’re not looking for a “new” used phone, then you can also unlock your current mobile at one of the many little “Chinese Tech Stores” in the city centre.

– Leah


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