Nobody likes working on their day off, but often this is something we have to do in order to meet deadlines or prepare for that final exam. Instead of locking yourself in your room and hating the path you’ve chosen in life, why not make a day of it? Grab your computer, your headphones and head out to one of these lovely spots around Barcelona that are perfect for encouraging productivity! Whether you need a coffee by your side, or the sweet sound of fellow hard working people tapping away on their computers, we guarantee you’ll find something you like on this list!

Pudding Bar

If you’re the type of person who works best while surrounded by comfort food and delicious drink options, the Pudding Bar is for you! This fun, Alice in Wonderland-esque cafe has a section dedicated just for those who need to get some work done! With free wifi, spacious tables and a mini library, visitors are encouraged to make themselves at home. However, keep in mind that this cafe also hosts several educational workshops for children – so there is a chance that there will be some noise!


Is it a library? Is it a cafe? No, it’s both! This modern but comfy hangout located in Eixample has two floors full of work stations, bookshelves and a cafe to meet your coffee needs! They also function as a bookstore if you end up finding something you like. Laie’s cafe isn’t kidding around either, they’ve got an outdoor terrace, a buffet and an express counter! Also, there’s plenty of space for groups to work together if you don’t want to go at it alone.


The Cosmo bar is a really funky mix of art gallery and cafe located on the edge of Eixample. It’s the perfect place for anyone who gets inspired when surrounded by art and other creative minds! It’s not a cheap place, but the price is totally worth it if you pull out some outstanding work at the end of the day! Keep an eye on their website to see what exhibits they have going on if you’d like to take a creative break from working.

Alsur Café

If you’re the type of person who prefers to work from the bed than a desk, you’ll enjoy Alsur Café. These warm, relaxed, welcoming cafes around the city centre are often filled with people working away, having meetings, or just hanging out! There are several locations around the city centre: El BornLlúria & Palau. All with free wifi in a lounge setting. And don’t forget, they all serve brunch every Sunday!

Black Remedy

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Not your average coffee shop – Black Remedy calls itself the East Side Coffee Bar, which conjures up images New York City. And that might be exactly what they were going for. The cafe’s style is very minimalistic with a dash of industrial. There are tables to sit at and a bar with stools as well! And if you get hungry while their, you’re in luck! Because the real focus of Black Remedy is their specialty brews and gourmet food!

Somewhere Cafe

Hipster with a side of rustic please! This open concept cafe promotes community and sharing among its clients. Somewhere Cafe is full of large, wooden tables, perfect for big groups working together, holding meetings, or for those who have a lot of stuff to spread out while working. They specialise in coffee brews and have a lot of healthy snack options for those who might be temped to stress eat while pushing through their project.

Babèlia Books & Coffee

Another wonderful bookshop/cafe for the list! Babèlia Books & Coffee is multi-lingual bookshop, a delicious coffeeshop, an art gallery, event venue and great place to get productive! The books on display here are all second-hand which, combined with the exposed brick walls really gives the whole place a very rustic feel. Great for focusing!

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