If you take a walk down to Port Vell, past the famous Columbus monument, over the boardwalk and along the harbour, you’ll eventually find one of Barcelona’s most prized modern sites – the Aquarium. L’Aquarium Barcelona is considered one of the largest Mediterranean themed Aquariums in Europe and the top education centre for Mediterranean marine life in the world. It opened in September 1995 and since then it has strived to reproduce true and accurate environment for its animals by using state of the art technology and research.

barcelonaaquarium2Visitors to the Aquarium can check out over 450 different species in 35 different tanks and habitats! From the massive Oceanarium (a 4 million litre tank filled with eels, rays & sharks), 13 Mediterranean themed habitats (from shallow costal communities to the Medes Islands community) and 5 wonderfully unique tanks for specific and delicate species. But it doesn’t stop there! A visit to the L’Aquarium Barcelona is an educational, interactive experience. They host several activities like regular feeding shows (which teaches viewers about the eating habits of sharks, rays and penguins), cage diving with different shark species and many other group based activities with private tours and presentations! General admissions tickets cost 18€ if purchased online and 20€ if purchased on-site. Opening times vary depending on the season. For more information, head over to their official website!

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