So, you already have your suitcases packed and your guide books ready. You have made the decision to move to balmy Barcelona. The tranquil city with gorgeous beaches, pleasant temperatures and a vibrant nightlife. You are off to live in Barcelona for the first time in your life and you couldn’t be more excited.

Cling to that excitement as tightly as you can, because moving is a big step. Sometimes, the motivation to begin a new life and the enticement of the place could drive you into a huge adventure without the right information about issues that could potentially give you huge problems.

Here we highlight some of the steps that you should follow before making the bold move to Barcelona.

Research on the Cost of Living

Before planning the big move, it is important to do some research and find out the cost of living. Priority should be placed on making a budget so that you can get a good idea of how much you will spend depends on your lifestyle. The plan should center around rent, food, utilities, internet and transport.

Planning your finances and following your budget allows you to truly enjoy your life in the city, lazing on Barcelona’s beaches nibbling on Catalan delicacies.

Choosing your Area

Barcelona is a really big city that includes a number of municipalities. Therefore, when you choose exactly where to live there will be many different options. Fortunately, all neighborhoods in the city have their own unique attractive charm and there really isn’t any bad place to reside in the city.

As you browse and research on accommodation in Barcelona, it is also necessary that you check the area’s transport networks, and other basic services such as supermarkets, schools and gyms.

The Culture in Barcelona

One important thing that you must bear in mind when moving to Barcelona, is that the Catalan people take pride in every aspect of their culture. Catalan is the official language of the city and the region. Road signs, public instructions and notices often appear in Catalan. Catalan is widely spoken in all public institutions. However, you can obviously also learn Spanish as most people speak both languages (Spanish and Catalan) fluently. Check here to see some great and affordable Spanish courses in Barcelona before going traveling to Barcelona.

The Catalan people also have their own set of traditions and festivals. Barcelona residents are always enjoying a ton of Catalan celebrations. It would be very useful to learn a little about the culture before your big move.


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