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After consulting the top cell phone companies in Spain, our Spanish SIM card recommendation for the academic term 2017/2018 is Lycamobile! Lycamobile is one of the biggest cell phone providers in Europe offering different, cheap bundles that you can choose from. Get your new SIM card for free

If you choose e.g. the Lycamobile Mundo 120 bundle in combination with a 1 GB data pack, it will only cost you 11€!:

  • FREE calls:
    • Free, unlimited calls within the community (to all people who also have a Spanish Lycamobile SIM card) and no fee to establish the call (establicimiento de la línea). Spread the news among your friends, it will save you a lot of money!
    • 120 minutes of free national and international calls (includes landline and cell phone numbers as well as also international calls to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States).
  • 1 GB of Internet that you can use for social networks such as Whatsapp and Facebook and to browse the Internet.
  • Traditional text messages: National – 19,9 Cents / International 24,9 Cents / Lyca to Lyca within Spain 13,3 Cents / Lyca to Lyca international 19,4 Cents (as prices can change over time, please always check the official Lycamobile webpage to receive the latest information!) 

*If the Mundo 120 bundle doesn’t suit your needs or isn’t available for your country, check out the other options offered by Lycamobile by clicking here. We can activate also all other options in our office! As Lycamobile can change offers, we recommend to always check their webpage!


Besides the regular voice & data packs that you can check on the Lycamobile webpage, we are happy to anounce that Lycamobile launched a very cheap special offer for you:

  • Free, unlimited calls within the community
    (to all people who also have a Spanish Lycamobile SIM card)
  • 60 minutes national & international calls
  • 2 GB of Internet

For more details, click here! Spread the news among your friends, it will save you a lot of money!

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