Citylife has partnered up with one of the largest banks in Spain – Banco Sabadell with the aim to make the opening of a free bank account in Spain as easy as it can be! With Sabadell you can to open, maintain and use your account completely for free. Banco Sabadell’s services are offered in English as well as on the web, so you can open your account even before traveling to Barcelona and activate it conveniently when you arrive!

Simply fill out the form below to open your free bank account. Please attach a copy of your Passport/ID. We will forward your request to the bank right away and put you on copy in the e-mail! Further instructions will then follow in the e-mail.

Please fill out the form below for more details. Once we put you in touch with Sabadell you can address all of your questions directly to their staff. The opening of the bank account is not binding, so you do not need to worry!

First Name

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Home Address

Passport or ID Number

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Estimated Date of Arrival in Barcelona (DD.MM.YYYY)

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Upload your Passport/ID

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If you are facing problems in submitting the form above, you can also download & fill out the following form and send it to! (Application FREE Sabadell Bank Account: English Form | Spanish Form). Please attach a copy your Passport/ID to the mail.

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