To make the process of opening a free Spanish bank account as easy as possible, Citylife Barcelona has teamed up with several of the most popular banks in Spain! All of the banks offer their services in Spanish and English as well as online, so you can open your account even before traveling to Barcelona!

To open your free bank account, simply fill out the form below. Please attach a copy of your Passport/ID.

We will immediately forward your request to put you in touch with the bank that fits best! We will also provide further instructions in the e-mail.

The opening of the bank account is not binding and doesnt cost you anything! If you realize at any point after submitting the form below that you do not need a free Spanish bank account anymore, do not worry, just let us know.

To read all there is about how to open a bank account in Spain, please check out our “Ultimate Guide to Best Banks for Students & Expats in Spain“. It will help you choose the best bank in Spain that meets your expectations and preferences. It covers all important aspects regarding opening a Spanish bank account as a non-resident, the top recommended banksinternational money transfersmoney saving tips and more.

Hint: If you are looking for cheap ways to send/transfer money abroad, we highly recommend TransferWise. It’s probably the most popular tool at the moment for sending and receiving money internationally with low fees — much cheaper than using your local bank.

You can also get your own local bank account details in Europe, UK, US, Australia and New Zealand with the TransferWise Borderless account. Click here for more information.

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