Housing in Barcelona


One of the most important decisions you will have to make when coming to Barcelona is deciding where and how you want to live. Probably for quite a few of you, your apartment in Barcelona will be your first experience living “alone“. This can be very exciting but also overwhelming.

Where do you start? How much is reasonable when it comes to rent? What neighbourhood should you choose? Where can you search and what options do you have? How to find roommates to share an apartment? What do you need to know about your housing contract? Do you need to set up internet? The list of questions is probably long, but before you start to get nervous and stressed, don’t worry, we are here to help you answer ALL of these questions! 🙂

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Download our free Housing Guide containing everything there is to know about accomodation in Barcelona, join our Roommate & Flat Search forum on Facebook, fill out the free “Housing Request” form and receive housing offers which match your needs and expectations. Or, dive straight into the housing hunt using the interactive map of Spotahome!

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Don’t forget to download your free “Welcome to Barcelona” kit to read more about Barcelona and all there is to know. It will help you prepare for your stay in Barcelona and to make your time in Spain a once in a lifetime experience!

If you’d like learn more about Barcelona, then head over to our Blog! Here we write about all things Barcelona; from neighbourhood breakdowns, to events, social life, restaurants, art and culture, where to go during your free time, shopping, sports, metro lines – anything you can think of!

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You can start your apartment hunt already now online with Barcelona Student Housing!

If you want to co-live with students from around the world and enjoy the freedom of living in an independent shared apartment with the services of a residence hall, this is your place. Barcelona Student Housing offers fully equipped rooms in “serviced apartments” especially designed to be shared and to feel like a home. Their staff will personally manage your reservation, coordinate your arrival and will assist you throughout your entire stay!

Si buscas convivir con estudiantes de todo el mundo, y disfrutar de la independencia de un apartamento con los servicios de una residencia de estudiantes, este es tu lugar. Barcelona Student Housing ofrece habitaciones totalmente equipadas en “serviced apartments” diseñados para compartir sin dejar de sentirte en tu propia casa. Su personal gestiona de forma personalizada cada una de las reservas, coordinará tu llegada y te asistirá durante tu estancia en Barcelona.

The goal is to make your new flat a home away from home!