Language Schools & Discounts in Barcelona


We recommend that you check with your university in Barcelona to see if they offer any language courses. Check on things like costs, length of classes, material, class sizes etc. As an alternative to participating in the university courses, many students choose to participate in either a 2-4 week intensive course or take a course that holds classes for a few hours every week at one of the language schools in Barcelona.

The city is full of language schools and it is difficult to find the “right” school offering the “right” course. To help you find the best school for you we have chosen some language schools that stand for high quality and fair prices based on the feedback we received from former students. We also took the official accreditation by Cervantes, the quality of the facilities, flexibility and course selection offered as well as factors like after school activities into account. As a member of the Citylife community you will receive a special discount at the following language schools:

Don Quijote

Carrer de Mallorca, 27
08029 Barcelona
+34 934 12 48 49

Discount: 10% on all courses

The don Quijote language school is one of the leading institutes in Spanish study abroad programs. It is located in the heart of the central, vibrant L’Eixample neighborhood that is only 10 minutes walk from both the Plaza de Catalunya and Plaza de España. The schools has both, a premium location in one of Spain’s most impressive cities, as well as extremely high quality facilities making it the perfect place for a language learning experience.


Carrer de la Diputació, 92
08015 Barcelona

Discount: 10% on every course

Enforex is Spain’s largest and most prestigious group of Spanish schools. With over 20 different courses adapted to their students’ needs and with their efficient, professional and dedicated teaching staff, Enforex has come to be a model group in the field of teaching.


C/ Sant Salvador 35, bajos (esquina c/Verdi)
08012, Barcelona

Discount: Free Trial Class

Iscralando is a dynamic and interactive language school where the teachers are willing to teach you with a lot of dedication one of the most beautiful language of the world. Learn Spanish with them in the heart of Gràcia fast and easy. Free registration, open the whole year. Go visit them and try your first class for free!

ELE USAL Barcelona

Carrer de Fontanella, 21
08010 Barcelona
+34 934 61 92 90

Discount: 12% on all available courses

At ELE USAL Barcelona you won’t just learn Spanish, you will live it. This means that in addition to the communicative language classes held at our Plaza Cataluña location, we coordinate learning experiences that go beyond our four walls as part of the curriculum. We are more than a language school. We are a community of learners and we hope that you will join us to experience a different, fun, and effective approach to learning Spanish under the tutelage of The University of Salamanca.

Cactus BCN Languages

C/ de l’Hospital, 34
08001 Barcelona
+34 616 797 160

Discount: 10% on Super Intensive and Full Time Courses & Promo Amigo on all courses

CactusBcn is located in the heart of Barcelona, in the old quarter of El Raval. It was born as a small school where learning is something pleasant, fun and familiar. Its team is formed by a group of enthusiastic teachers who decided to start their own language school project after traveling the world teaching Spanish. Their courses are organized in small and multicultural groups and all the teaching and materials are in Spanish.

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