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The information below has been collected by the Citylife team via intense research. Please keep in mind that we are not directly related to any legal or government departments and the information may be subject to change.

Everyone that lives in the city of Barcelona has to officially register his or her presence in the city. This is not so much a document which monitors your legal status, but rather a document to keep the city up to date on its inhabitants and to also give you access to community services. The registration of inhabitants is of the entire population of a municipality, and being registered is a mandatory requirement in order to be able to access public services such as health services, or education. Furthermore, you will definitely end up needing the Empadronamiento when applying for more important documents like the NIE/TIE. The registration of residency is also a requirement of certain procedures related to the Alien Act (family reunification, social ties, work reasons, etc). The Empadronamiento does not give you the legal status of permanent residency – this is a different document entirely.

Steps to obtain the registration of residency (Empadronamiento):

  1. Request an appointment with the City Hall of Barcelona online (at the end of this article you will find a summary of the offices in Barcelona. Choose the one closest to your house) or by calling the office number 101.
  2. Prepare your personal documents:
  • If you are Spanish: DNI or passport
  • If you are from the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein: Residency card, passport or document of identity from your country of origin
  • If you are from anywhere else: Residency card or passport
  1. Prepare the documents:
  • Valid rental contract with a maximum duration of 5 years and a minimum or 6 months or less, if it is an extendable contract.
  • The last receipt of rent paid (which should consist of information to identify the rental: leaseholder, landlord, property address, date of pay, etc.) or proof of payment of the deposit if you have just signed and still have not made a payment of monthly instalments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I register for an Empadronamiento even if I don’t have papers?

If your find yourself in an irregular situation you won’t have any issues registering yourself at the City Hall. The City Hall does not have control over the legality or illegality of people who live in Spanish territory. The City Hall only has a registry, “El Padrón” of the people that live in jurisdiction and verify their situations. Read, “What documents do I need to live, work, and study legally in Barcelona?

  • How much does it cost to register for an Empadronamiento?

Registration for the Empadronamiento in Barcelona is free.

  • Should I renew my Empadronamiento?

It is not necessary to renew your Empadronamiento, except in the case of citizens that have a nationality of a country that is not a member of the European Union and do not have permanent residency in Spain. These people should renew every two years since the initial date of registration. If the case they do not renew, the City Hall will proceed to remove them from the census.

  • In Barcelona, there a many Offices d’Atenció Ciutadana, to which one should I go to register for an Empadronamiento? You can choose the office that is closest to your house or the office that will permit you to have an appointment on your desired date and time. Here you have a complete list of available offices:

The doors of each office are usually open from Monday until Friday, from 8.30am until 5.30pm.

– The Citylife Team



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Hello! Thank you very much for the information. Would you know the “tema” and “subtema” i should choose when taking an appointment online? I m getting stuck there.. Thank you 🙂

Did anyone reply to you? I have the same question.

I´m also stuck here. Did anyone find a solution?

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