Spain loves to fiesta and they especially love to fiesta in the beautiful streets of their great cities! Barcelona is epicentre of Catalunya and it’s the perfect city to visit if you want to experience Catalonian character! Mostly during the summer months, the many neighbourhoods of Barcelona gather together to celebrate their pride in their community. Almost all of the street parties have the same traditional activities and events, but each one has their own unique charm! Check out our list below of all the best block parties (neighbourhood festivals) in Barcelona!


Festa Major de Sant Antoni
 – This festival kicks off the whole year for the Sant Antoni region of the Eixample neighbourhood! This 10 day street party takes place mid January and features all the great Catalan traditions. Including parades, fire-runs, castling, live concerts and even a ceremony for citizens to have their pets blessed by a priest! For more info click here


Festa Major del Casc Antic
Also known as the Festival of the Old Town, this party unites the neighbourhoods of Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and La Ribera to celebrate the district Saint, San Pedro. It’s 2 weeks of feasting, traditional dancing, parades, theatrical performances and fire works! For more info click here.


Festa Major del Raval
  In the middle of July, the neighbourhood of Raval gathers for a weekend of community fun! The streets fill up with markets and food vendors and the locals participate in sporting competitions, light shows and of course, cocktails! For more info click here.

Festa Major de Poble Sec – Barbecue, live music, tradition and community. Thats what you’ll find during the Poble Sec street festival at the end of July! Much like the other barrio parties, the neighbourhood of Poble Sec gets dressed up for 10 days of partying in honour of their local identity. For more info click here.


Festa de Sant Roc –
This is one of the oldest street festivals in Barcelona, dating all the way back to 1589 in the ancient Gothic Quarter. The festival is centred around the celebration of the patron Saint Roc on the 16th of August. But there are several days of celebration before! For more info click here.

Festa Major de Gracia – The Gracia street festival is certainly one of the most famous and exciting parties on this list! Gracia used to be a separate village from Barcelona and the small town pride can still be seen in its people today, especially during festival season! What sets this festival apart from the others is the design competition – where streets compete for best decoration! For more info click here.

Festa Major de Sants – The festival of Sants is a big time of celebration for streets surrounding Barcelona’s Parc de l’Espanya. This festival is famous for its running devils – a sort of procession that includes diablo costumes and fireworks! For more info click here 


Festa Major del Poble Nou – Poble Nou is a neighbourhood further outside of the city centre than the others. It’s location has created a sense of individuality which makes celebrating their community a really exciting event! The festival focuses around art, history and culture. For more info click here.

La Mercè  La Mercè is much more than just a summer street festival for a local community. It’s a massive, renowned holiday in Catalunya in celebration of the Lady of Mercy (La Mare de Déu de la Mercè). The parades, the costumes, the food and the energy are all amplified during these 3 days in September! For more info click here.

Festa Major de Barceloneta – Shortly after La Mercè the beach barrio of Barceloneta turns into the place to be! The celebrations have a very nautical twist to them, with naval themes preformances, treasure hunts and beach activities. This is without a doubt the best way to say goodbye to summer! For more info click here.

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