Barcelona is a city full of culture, beauty, and grandeur. From city markets to beach excursions, this capital city of Catalonia offers a plethora of diversion. Known as a city that never sleeps, Barcelona doesn’t disappoint after the sun goes down either. Here are some ideas of what nightlife is like in Barcelona and some tips to follow to enjoy it to the fullest.

The Club Scene

Barcelona has a lively clubbing scene. From upscale beachside clubs to quaint gathering places, there is a club spot to fit the night’s desires. Get into the true feeling of Barcelona by starting your nightlife tour off at Los Tarantos. This Spanish delight provides a Flamenco show and delicious tapas to follow. Starting your tour off here will ensure that you are in the spirit of the scene and ready for whatever the night beholds.

Cool off after the show and grab a refreshment at the Ice Bar. Club-goers will definitely need a coat for this adventure into the bar that is made completely of ice. Enjoy a drink out of an ice glass while enjoying the spectacular atmosphere of this -5 degree Celsius bar. Guests of this amazing bar are attired with jackets and gloves to make the night one to remember.


Casinos are another popular choice, with the most popular casino being Casino Barcelona. The casino features several restaurants, gaming events, live shows, and special events. In addition to this, the venue offers some of the most popular games like slots, with a wide range of options from an adventure-themed slot to the far-west-themed slot, and different kinds of roulette like the European Roulette which differs from American Roulette by only having one zero on the wheel.

Before heading to Casino Barcelona, don’t forget to check the basics of the games. For example, know the procedure of a round and practice classic roulette games like high & low stake versions. Practicing online will allow you to learn the rules and get comfortable with the games, helping you to have a more enjoyable first visit.

Nightlife Locations

Finding the perfect place to spend a night out is easy when you know where to look. To start with, Port Olimpic is a hot spot for the nighttime outings in Barcelona. Home to some popular night clubs, partiers will find clubs like Opium, Catwalk, Shoko, amongst others. There is something for everyone from classy to eclectic.

El Raval is the place to go when the night calls for an authentic Spanish feel. This centrally-located neighborhood offers clubs like 7Sins, Sala Apolo, and Marmalade. If you’re looking for something more conversational, try out the Irish pub atmosphere of Shenanigans.

The Gothic Quarter brings the pub feel to any night out. Get the true Irish pub feel from Flaherty’s or enjoy one of the jazz houses like Jamboree. This is also the location to find the Flamenco show at Los Tarantos.

No nightlife adventures in Barcelona would be complete without a visit to the beach. There are numerous locations that are set up along the beach. These locations, known as chiringuitos, offer a place to spend time with friends and enjoy what the night has to offer.

Fitting In

Finding a place to spend your night out is not hard, but there are some tips you should keep in mind to help you fit in like a local. Dress codes are not too strict for most of the areas that offer nighttime fun. Casual attire is generally acceptable, but one should steer away from shorts and sandals as well as running shoes and sweatpants. Everything else is usually acceptable for a night on the town.

There are a few exceptions though that require specific manners of dress. This is especially the case with upscale establishments like Bling Bling and Sutton. These venues will require collared shirts and classy dresses or something similar. You can always call or ask around to find out what is required at your favorite spot.

If you plan to partake in all that Barcelona nightlife has to offer, you may want to invest in a Barcelona Nightlife Ticket. This ticket will save you on entrance fees into twenty-three of the most popular nightclubs Barcelona has to offer. Note: There are a few rules to follow that can be found on the Ticketbar website.

No matter where you choose to spend your nights out in Barcelona, the city has something for every taste and desire. Make yourself comfortable and find your new favorite night out.


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