Whether you are just learning Spanish or want to learn some key phrases, it is good idea to learn how to tell someone you like them or be able to recognize if someone likes you. If you haven’t noticed already, the dating scene in Spain is a little different. PDA (public displays of affection) is very common and there is a good chance you have already seen some during your commute on the metro. Even though Valentine’s Day is coming up this week, the most romantic day of the year in Barcelona is Sant Jordi’s Day in April. It is a tradition for the men in Barcelona to give their girlfriend a red rose and for the women to give the men a book. Here are some helpful expressions and gestures to help you find love and express your feelings here in Spain!

The Basics

  •             I love you – Te amo o te quierolove1
  •             Kiss me – Bésame
  •             A date – cita
  •             You make me happy – Me haces feliz
  •             I will always love you – Siempre te amare
  •             I miss you – Te echo de menos o te extraño
  •             You drive me crazy – Me vuelves loco (a)
  •             You are beautiful – Eres muy guapo (a)
  •             You are my soul mate – Tú eres mi alma gemela
  •             We are dating – Estamos saliendo
  •             Admirer – Admirador (a)
  •             Flower bouquet – ramo de flores
  •             I think we’re good together – Creo que hacemos buena pareja

Breakdown of gestures

If your boyfriend or girlfriend introduces you to his/her friends that means he/she really likes you and wants their friends to approve of you.

2) Don’t be alarmed if your date or significant other declares their romantic intentions early on because being honest upfront is a notable characteristic of Spaniards.

3) Physical affection/ PDA is widely accepted in Spain so don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed.

4) If you find a truly romantic Spaniard he or she may even recite poetry to you or take you out on a date that will have you practically falling head over heels, if you haven’t already.

5) Lastly, Spain is still very much a patriarchal society, which means that the men here try to show every other man that you are his girl by keeping you close and holding you often.

– Nina



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