Flamenco is an exceptionally special tradition here in Spain. So much so, that UNESCO even added it to their Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list in 2010! The art of this Spanish dance is so diverse that you could attend a show in every city across the country and see something different each time! And if you happen to be in Barcelona, you should head straight to the famous “Palacio del Flamenco” for a show you’ll never forget.


The Flamenco show at Palacio del Flamenco is famous for its large ensemble of 14 talented artists. Including dancers, singers and musicians. The shows take place three times every day in a gorgeous 20th century theatre which can seat almost 400 people! There are several ticket options you can choose from when booking your visits. Such as Sangría+ Show, Tapas + Show and a Full Dinner+ Show!

The food is incredible, and I mean incredible! The tapas assortments includes classics like tortilla, bravas and gambas, as well as fabulous dishes like salmon and steaks! If you book a full DinnerShow you will have your choice of mouth watering carnes, pescados and vinos! The large theatre also offers a wide variety of seating options – from a VIP lounge area, to balcony seating and floor tables for large groups! The Palacio also offers extensive Flamenco classes if you wish to take some of Spain’s more proud tradition home with you!


The show itself is everything you will expect and more! Before the show begins, the crowd gathers in the foyer for some mingling. After a while some members of the show will greet everyone and give a little presentation on the history of flamenco. Once everyone is brought up to speed, the dancers will teach the crowd some of the basic steps of flamenco! Eventually the theatre doors are opened and the show begins! It’s a little over an hour long and features ballet/flamenco fusion, group dances and remarkable solo performers! If that doesn’t convince you, the Cultural Association of Catalonia has honoured Palacio del Flamenco as the best fusion Flamenco show in the country!

For more details on location, show times, prices and booking head over to the official website! By booking your tickets online you will receive a 10€ discount on tickets!

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