Barcelona is a city that lives and breathes sports and athletics! From football – the classic Spanish pastime, and biking through the cities many cycle lanes. To jogging through the city streets, hiking in the beautiful trails surrounding the city and surfing in the Mediterranean! There is something for every sports lover out there! If you’ve noticed you’ve put on a few extra pounds during your abroad experience (I mean, who doesn’t?) you’ll be happy to know that there are a lot of options for affordable gyms, sports teams and more! Take a look at our suggestions below to get your athletic life started in Barcelona!

Hit Up the Gym

FITNESS-300x228Are you a gym junkie? Or would you like to become one? Perfect! Duet Fit is a chain of affordable gyms in Barcelona that are perfect for students, expats and literally anyone else! Duet Fit has a wide variety of fitness classes and a great selection of fitness equipment at all of their locations around Barcelona. They offer a flexible monthly contract for around 28,90€ per month and you won’t even have to pay the registration fee with the exclusive voucher!

Take Advantage of FREE Fitness Classes!

FITNESS3-300x295If you’re budget doesn’t have any room fora monthly gym membership, don’t worry! We’ve got something you might be interested in. Every week we and our partners offer different fitness and dance classes to its community! The classes vary from Zumba and cycling to Salsa and Aerobics! Keep up-do-date on the schedule to see where, when and what types of classes are available! If you’re interested in joining, make sure you sign up at least 24 hrs before the class! There will be limited spots so we don’t want you to miss out!

Meet Up with Others!

FITNESS5-300x216You don’t have to join a gym to keep fit! You can also join the Citylife Barcelona Sports Club! This group was created as a forum to connect with other people in the city who are looking to meet up and do some sport! You can join pick-up football games or meet up for yoga in the park! It’s also a great place to share fitness info and to swap ideas with other likeminded people.

Join a Running Club!

runBarcelona is full of places to go for a jog. There are many parks in the inner city as well as wide an open streets with plenty of room for groups – not to mention the beautiful boardwalk along the beach! If running is your game then we’ve got something for you. The Running Club is is a free meet-up activities for people interested in running in groups! We’ll get together once a week so keep up-to-date on where and when the group is meeting next by joining the group!



And finally before you go, sign up to the Citylife Barcelona Weekly Raffle! By entering the contest you might end up winning a Duet Fit gym membership completely for free! Simply sign up here and check out our newsletter every week to see if you’ve won!


– Leah


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