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You can’t do much without internet these days. But, during the first few days of your time in Barcelona you might find yourself wifi-less. This could pose a problem if you still need to find an apartment, need to get online before school starts or if you simply want to catch up with family and friends. If you’d rather not spend your afternoons in wifi hotspots or waiting in line for your hostel’s computer – you should try out a little thing called WifiAway!

WifiAway is a portable wifi system that runs very similarly to your mobile’s data plan. Simply charge the device with power, choose which device you want to connect it to and voilà! You’re connected! One of the coolest things about WifiAway is that you can subscribe to a short-term 10-day contract or a long term monthly contract depending on what you internet needs are! Check out the WifiAway subscriptions and product details below!

What types of subscriptions are available?

wifi2High-quality internet subscriptions currently available (prices include both the rental and Internet costs):

  • 1-month: 39€ with 20 Gb of data
  • 10 days: 29€ with 15 Gb of data

Where can I get one?

You can come by the Citylife office during opening hours but it’s better to make a reservation of your portable WifiAway router! Once you pick up your router all you have to do is return it once your subscription is expired! You can connect up to 10 different devices to your WifiAway router – from tablets and phones to computers – which makes it perfect for a group of roommates in need of internet!

Address: Carrer del Comte Borrell 235, 08029 Barcelona, Spain

Office hours: Monday through Friday from 10:00-19:00

Hint: Reserve your free Barcelona Starter Pack now & pick it up upon arrival!

Don’t forget to reserve your free Barcelona Starter Pack here, so that you can conveniently pick it up upon your arrival in the city. Once in our office you can take the opportunity to ask us all your questions and to get all the help you may need for free!

– Joa



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