Joan Miró i Ferrà was born in Barcelona in 1893. He was an artist with a very peculiar but intriguing talent for surrealism. Most of his work is centred around the conscious mind and Catalan pride which challenged the typical framework of painting at the time. He opened his own museum on top of the Montjuïc mountain in 1975 with the goal of encouraging younger artists to experiment outside the realms of classic arts. However, since then, the place has become so much more than a simple art museum. Today, it stands as an internationally recognized foundation for art, for research and for appreciation of contemporary art in Catalunya and the world.

miro2Visitors of the Fundació can enjoy travelling through the extensive collection of Joan Miró’s original works, which includes paintings, drawings, sculptures and sketches. In addition to Joan’s work, visitors can check out the temporary exhibitions, the photography gallery, book specialized tours of the gallery and even hangout in the library/archive which contains books and notebooks donated by Miró himself! A general admissions ticket costs €7,€12 if you want to include the temporary exhibitions. For more details on student pricing, opening hours and additional activities, head over to the Fundació’s website!

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