The Museum of the History of Catalonia is located in Port Vell, right on the water and next to the Moll de Bosch i Alsina boardwalk. It’s a museum dedicated to preserving the culture, history and identity of the Catalan people. It was established in 1966 in an old warehouse originally built in 1881 – the building is now referred to as the Palau del Mar (The Palace of the Sea). Much like the Museum of Barcelona’s History is focused on the cities legacy, the MHC was founded on the idea of honouring the story of Catalonia, as a way to solidify the Catalan identity and to make a Catalan shaped impression on the world after facing freedom struggles in the past. It is a centre of education, research and conservation, publicly owned and publicly funded!

mhcThe exhibitions at the MHC represent a story. Staring hundreds of thousands of artefacts excavated from the region itself. Starting from Catalonia’s prehistory (some 450,000 years ago) – early man, local tribes and the dawn of the Roman Empire in Spain. Continuing through the Moorish & Visigoth empires, the Medieval Ages, The Industrial Revolution and the Spanish Civil War. The goal of this trip through history is to flesh out the region’s journey and to create a further understanding of its desire for an independent identity. In addition to the fabulous permanent exhibition, there are also regularly scheduled temporary expos! These shows vary from Civil War history and cultural changes through time to projects highlighting aspects of life in ancient times. The MHC hosts regular cultural and historical events for visitors to participate in, like book readings, lectures and special guided tours as well. Opening times vary depending on the time of year and general admission costs only 4€!

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