When Christopher Columbus returned from his maiden voyage to the New World, his first stop in Europe was the port of Barcelona! The harbour front of Barcelona has seen some impressive moments in history. Dating all the way back to the time of the Romans through the middle ages where international trade boomed.  Many ships involved with this trade were built at the Royal Shipyard, whose current building dates to the 13th century. Now, the shipyard houses the beautiful Museu Marítim!

shipsAt this nautical themed museum you can find all kinds of navigational devices, old cartography instruments and century old maps of the world which belonged to the first explorers of The Americas – like Amerigo Vespucci, for example. There are interactive exhibits which showcase what life was like on old wooden vessels and steamships including battles at sea! Visitors can stroll through amazing art galleries which feature paintings of the ocean and sea life as well as sculptures and paintings of old vessels that once conquered the high seas! They can also take part in the several temporary exhibitions such as WWII naval battles, and the ancient Roman ports which once existed in Barcelona! But the most exiting part of the Museu Marítim, is the complete, full sized, medieval galleon located in the great hall!

If you want to visit the Museu Marítim, simply head down to the Port Vell at the end of La Ramblas. You will find the museum in the Drassanes Reials building. It costs 7€ to enter but it is also possible to enter for free on select days! Opening times may vary, so check out the official website for more details when planning your visit!

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